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Welcome to Pollnotes Planning. Here is a little bit about what I do, and how I can help you make your wedding day memorable, magical, and mess and stress free!

brown paper packages

...tied up with strings. We all know the song. Well sometimes it really can be that easy! And when you are planning a wedding easy is awesome. That was the way I wrapped gifts for our wedding. The boxes were a great find at Michaels (if you're in Richmond the one on Broad Street at Gaskins is your best bet) and they were $2... not too shabby. 

Another great thing about beautiful boxes? No wrapping paper to clean up when they open their gifts. The less you make a mess, the less you have to clean up that day, and when you have five bridesmaids, a flower girl, parents, officiants, and a little something for the groom thats a lot of paper and tape! 

Finished product! Photo Cred:Shannon Hennessey Photography

Finished product! Photo Cred:Shannon Hennessey Photography

Now comes the "tied up with strings bit." If you are a crazy ribbon and lace lady like me you already have a favorite so feel free to use whatever you have and love. Just about any color and texture goes with craft paper boxes like these so there is no wrong answer!

What I used for the big day was chambray ribbon I originally received as a registry gift wrapping from BHLDN/ Anthropologie. (For those of you who love whimsical, romantic weddings and dont know about Anthroplogie's wedding wing BHLDN allow me to make the introduction: and I hope you enjoy!) I also recomend coton twine, lightly colored twine rope, or anthing else thats texturally appealing!

Who knew chambray and craft paper could look so classy? PC:

Who knew chambray and craft paper could look so classy? PC:

And finally top it off with a trinket. Wax seals are one of my favorite things to finish a gift with. They are a fun conversation piece, a handmade touch, and reminder of your new monogram! Happy wrapping!

sweet, simple, and sunflowers

love where you wed